Barr-Nunn raises owner-operator pay again


Barr-Nunn Transportation announced another Pure Pay Program raise for owner-operators effective Feb. 21, raising the base rate to $0.98 cents loaded and $0.70 cents empty. Barr-Nunn also announced a raise for its hazmat-endorsed owner-operators on the Band Pay Program.

Barr-Nunn says the new pay raises – combined with other features of its Band Pay Owner Operator package, including a performance bonus of $800 or $975 every 30,000 paid miles, 100 percent fuel discounts and a fuel surcharge on all miles – create an incredible opportunity for successful owner-operators to earn even more.

“Our obligation to independent contractors extends far beyond the support we provide them from the home office,” says Jeff Blank, director of recruiting for the Granger, Iowa-based company. “We are always looking for ways to not only help temper rising fuel and other related costs, but to show our continued appreciation for the work they do.”