Goodyear says fleetHQ Solution Center saw growth in 2010


In 2010, the Goodyear fleetHQ Solution Center helped more than 164,000 customers get their trucks back on the road, a nearly 60 percent increase over 2009, says Tony Starling, general manager of fleetHQ. Fleets call the Solution Center for tire-related emergency road assistance and receive service through the 1,800 plus locations in the fleetHQ Servicing Dealer Network.

“And, we got them back on the road fast,” Starling says. “We track each and every call in real time, and that information is easily available to fleet managers through Time is money, and we reduced the average roll time – from initial call to the truck being back on the road – by nearly 30 minutes in 2010.” The average length of time was two hours and seven minutes, getting equipment back on the road faster.

Starling says fleetHQ emergency road service has no enrollment fees and no incidence fees for calling its toll-free number (866-fleetHQ), and the price customers pay for tires on the road is the same as they pay at home. Because customers can establish complete portfolios listing all tires installed on each of their trucks, a fleet driver or owner-operator simply can tell the fleetHQ agent what vehicle is being driven, and the agent immediately knows what type, brand and size of tire is needed for replacement.

“Truck operators, fleet owners, managers and dispatchers find that fleetHQ can save them the hassle of making several calls to find a location that’s open, or a tire dealer with the right tires in stock,” Starling says. “With fleetHQ, one call is all it takes.” Fast response time with its emergency roadside service, multiple business tools and ease of use are major reasons why the program has more than 20,000 customers enrolled, he says.

In addition, fleetHQ offers online information systems providing 24/7 access to services in progress, retread history, repair data and tire purchase histories. “That can save fleet managers and truck operators time in reviewing invoices and service reports,” Starling says.