Marathon Brake updates friction material sales sheets, application guide


Marathon Brake Systems has published a new series of brake lining sales sheets as well as a new application guide designed to improve and simplify the brake lining selection process. The sales sheets represent Marathon’s full line of friction products, suitable for vocations ranging from general over-the-road freight to transit and severe-duty applications. The 12 sheets, available upon request from, offer detailed information on each lining, including FMVSS No. 121 test results, allowing customers to determine the right friction material for their application.

The new application guide is designed to be an easy-to-use resource that helps determine the Marathon products that are most compatible for a specific application. Users are given a variety of results, providing flexibility in choosing a friction material that best meets their braking requirements. Additionally, an interactive version of the application guide now is available on Marathon’s new website,

The new website also features a “Tech Support” Center, intended as a resource to help customers with brake shoe identification, hardware kits, potential brake failure and overall brake maintenance. For additional questions or concerns, visitors can contact a Marathon Brake tech support specialist or a Marathon sales representative, with contact information available under Contact Us.