Accellos announces compatibility with Sage ERP Accpac Version 6.0


Accellos, a provider of supply chain execution software solutions and a Sage North America Development Partner of Sage ERP Accpac, announced its full compatibility with the newly-launched Sage ERP Accpac 6.0 to help bring SMBs accelerated business growth. Accellos says that with this compatibility assurance, users of the Accellos One suite of products can be confident that their Sage ERP Accpac system will function seamlessly and effectively.

According to the company, the integration between Accellos One and Sage Accpac 6.0 will deliver:
• Seamless downloads of Sage Accpac purchase and sales orders from the native Sage Accpac ERP functionality to the Accellos One software;
• Support for multilocation serialized and lot-tracked inventory, as well as customer/vendor returns; and
• The ability to customize the information flowing between Sage Accpac ERP 6.0 and the Accellos One software.

Sage ERP Accpac Version 6.0 is the latest upgrade to the Sage ERP family and is designed to offer businesses greater productivity, enhanced real-time visibility to metrics and the right tools needed to accelerate business growth. As the first step in a new Web-deployable ERP framework, Sage ERP Accpac Version 6.0 is designed to enable true browser-based access, providing businesses with interactive collaboration tools.

“We are excited to offer the latest release of Sage ERP Accpac to our customers, and we are dedicated to providing the most seamless experience during the upgrade process,” says Ross Elliot, Accellos’ chief technology officer. “Our goal is to provide a rich feature set for the warehouse that extends the base capabilities of Sage Accpac ERP. The solution is designed to scale from a first-time warehouse user to a highly sophisticated operation leveraging the latest in warehouse automation equipment.”