Lista designs modular workstation system


Lista International’s Arlink 8000 Modular Workstation System is designed ergonomically and to offer flexibility to accommodate changing or future needs. Suited for a variety of applications – including service, repair and research – Arlink 8000 workstations can be configured in a variety of heights and lengths to suit specific needs.

The workstations are available in five widths and in three different heights up to 84 inches. The “starter and adder” system, with the option of back-to-back configurations, enables a multitude of layout possibilities to adapt to any space or support any process requirements.

The Arlink 8000’s Definite Positioning System is designed to make relocating or adjusting work surfaces, storage, shelving, lights, power beams and footrests fast, easy, and safe. Work surfaces are available in standard laminate or static dissipative. The Arlink 8000 system is also available on casters to create mobile workstations or parts carts.