Eaton offers new line-interactive UPS

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Eaton announced the launch of the Eaton 5PX, a line-interactive UPS featuring functionalities that the company says are highly valued by IT managers. The 5PX is designed to meter the energy consumption of every device protected by the UPS, and its large, intuitive LCD display helps provide IT managers with added manageability. As a successor to the Eaton Evolution S, the next-generation UPS – with a power range of 1.5 to 3 kVA and a power factor of 0.9 to protect more devices – offers high-density protection for IT devices such as servers, switchers, routers and storage devices.

The energy consumption measurements can be monitored through the 5PX’s LCD display or via the network with Eaton’s power management software. The data acquired helps IT managers optimize the functioning of their server rooms. “It allows the administrator not only to have a clear picture of the efficiency of each UPS installed, but also the energy usage of the various pieces of equipment protected,” says Christophe Jammes, product manager at Eaton’s Power Quality division. “This helps in maximizing the efficiency of the server room and thus in reducing energy costs.”

The 5PX features an intuitive LCD display, available in seven languages. The large screen is designed to allow IT managers to get all the data they need at a single glance. Its status and most important measurements are available without the need to scroll up and down. “The innovative configuration capabilities enable the administrator to intuitively change the UPS parameters right on the screen, making it unnecessary to connect the UPS to a PC for configuration,” Jammes says. “Its high manageability also includes the possibility to monitor the functioning of the UPS through the network with Eaton’s Intelligent Power software products, available as free downloads from Eaton’s Website.”

The output power factor is designed to protect more devices, increasing savings by decreasing the number of UPSs needed, and also reducing space requirements and energy consumption. The 5PX’s reliability has been improved by applying Eaton’s ABM technology, a battery-charging method designed to allow the batteries to rest between charging cycles, which helps extend battery life. All 5PX products employ a RT format, meaning they can be installed in both the rack and tower position.