Aljex offers unlimited document storage

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Updated Jul 8, 2011

Aljex Software announced that it now provides unlimited server space for digitized documents and images that remain instantly retrievable at the click of a mouse. According to Aljex Chief Executive Officer Tom Heine, native digital files or scanned images of paper documents can be scanned directly into the Aljex system or uploaded, and images such as photographs also can be uploaded to Aljex.

A file can be associated with and accessed from many folders within the system, such as a shipment folder. The same file can be accessed in the customer folder or any of its subfolders, which include sales, credit, legal, general and more. Similarly, a file can be accessed from the carrier folder; carrier subfolders include rate agreements, W-9 forms and more.

Aljex users also can choose to save an uploaded or scanned file as “public” to be accessible by all, or “private” to be accessible only within the company or to specific people. Aljex says that in all cases, documents and images can be found quickly and easily, and there is no limit on how many documents can be saved or for how long.

“Aljex customers always have access to these,” Heine says. “A file can be a bill-of-lading, a proof-of-delivery, a claim form, an insurance document, an Excel spreadsheet or a photo – almost anything, and it will always be associated with the categories you choose.”