New CITGO quart bottle to appear in September

Updated Aug 3, 2011

CITGO Lubricants is launching an innovative quart bottle design, featuring an ergonomic grip, anti-glug neck and enhanced spout configuration for an easier, faster pour. Available to consumers starting in September, the packaging immediately differentiates from other products on store shelves and displays new CITGO branding.

“The packaging is much more than an aesthetic change; it’s an advancement that brings our premium products to customers in a remarkably functional and environmentally friendly bottle,” said Karl Schmidt, general manager of petrochemicals and lubricants for CITGO. “We have spent the last year perfecting the design and are excited to launch the powerful new look that is sure to get the attention of consumers.”

The edgy branding has a distinctive look utilizing bold colors and a refreshed CITGO logo that stands out from the new sheer white bottles. Quick Response (QR) codes displayed on the front label of every bottle provide an interactive experience. When scanned by a smart phone, the QR code directs people to the CITGO website for more information on the company and its products.