Aeolus’ green truck tires manufactured with environment in mind

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Aeolus Tyre Co.’s environmentally friendly line of truck tires is designed to reduce fuel consumption and lower the environmental impact of the manufacturing process. The tires are engineered to reduce rolling resistance by 21 percent to 24 percent, resulting in as much as a 7 percent decrease in fuel consumption. Compound ingredients have been selected for durability, reatreadability and low rolling resistance; reduced-lead compounds feature environmentally friendly oils, promoters, vulcanizing agents, anti-aging agents, rubber-reinforcing fillers and other ingredients.

Preprocessing compound ingredients and a high-efficiency dust handling system help reduce dust in the manufacturing process. Low-temperature milling, high-efficiency mixing and variable-temperature curing in a nitrogen atmosphere dramatically reduce the energy required to manufacture the tires and decrease the amount of smoke generated during the process. Recycling steam and heat from early phases of the manufacturing process also improves the energy efficiency of the manufacturing operation, while a water recycling system allows Aeolus to manufacture with zero wastewater emissions.