AuraPortal releases Wide Interaction Platform

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Updated Sep 1, 2011

AuraPortal, a provider of business process management software, announced the release of the WIP (Wide Interaction Platform) platform to the market designed to allow integrated process communications with all external Web users to the company – not only with customers, but also with suppliers, collaborators, public administration, job applicants, etc.

The WIP module of AuraPortal is aimed at the integration of internal business processes of the company with a public Website on the Internet. AuraPortal says all needed features are available with WIP for this integration with no need of IT programming and are categorized into two phases:
• Visitor registration. WIP has all features for an anonymous Web visitor to enter their information in a form and automatically become registered in the AuraPortal Platform. Mechanisms for verifying the authenticity of the e-mail provided are fully automated and also that it is not being used for another registrant, the automatic creation of the visitors as a Contact in your Account table, and the sending of an e-mail with registration data once it is captured, among others; and
• Use of the platform. Once a Web visitor is registered, the user will be able to enter in their private WIP site to see restricted information, start processes, view the status of the process they have begun, receive and manage tasks, see e-mails received from AuraPortal and change their registration data.

From WIP, external users can ask questions or notifications, queries, etc. that can be answered by e-mail; they also can start and execute Process Tasks. WIP itself automatically starts the processes designed for each issue.

AuraPortal says it also provides various modules geared toward the customer (CRM – Customer Relationship Management), including:
• MC (Marketing Campaigns). A powerful and complete system for launching and managing marketing campaigns, targeting both potential customers and existing customers;
• SO (Sales Opportunities). A sales opportunities management system that covers the complete sales opportunity lifecycle from the moment it detects an opportunity to the final sale;
• CC (Call Center). A system to control and manage customer calls, such as a customer service center or hotline support center; and
• CISNE (Commerce thru Internet & Social Networks Enhanced). An electronic commerce capability, including a “shopping cart,” a secure payment gateway and integration with social networks.