UPS says bipartisan solutions needed to ramp up economy

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UPS on Friday, Sept. 9, applauded both the White House and congressional leaders for putting forth plans over the last week to get Americans back to work, help businesses hire and grow, reform the corporate tax code, pass long-needed trade pacts and modernize our transportation system. President Obama said his $447 billion jobs plan would include investments in road and highway construction.

” I am encouraged that both the president and Republican leaders in Congress pledged to work together to find common ground and put people back to work,” says Scott Davis, chief executive officer of the Atlanta-based company. “The American people expect and deserve no less.”

UPS says the trade agreements will have long-term beneficial effects for jobs and commerce. “Moreover, the recognition of the need to invest in our infrastructure is timely and could generate jobs both in the near-term and long-term,” Davis says. “And both parties mentioned the need to reform the corporate tax code, which is imperative for all companies.

Davis says if businesses are to grow and create jobs and if the economy is to climb out of the downturn, “political leaders in Washington need to resist being partisan and act on the best ideas from both sides of the aisle. Both parties should cede ground and come to a compromise now to rebuild America’s economy.”