Thermo King offers split system solutions for shuttle, bus owners

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Updated Sep 13, 2011

Thermo King’s split system solutions for shuttle and bus owners are built to offer a lower lifecycle cost, be more sustainable and provide a more consistently comfortable environment throughout the vehicle for passengers and drivers. The redesigned, more environmentally aware solutions include the SA-600 skirt-mounted condenser and the rooftop application Slim Line Condenser, both available with the interior mounted SA-600 evaporator.

The updated SA-600 skirt-mounted condenser and evaporator solution features a microchannel coil in lieu of a standard fin-and-tube design for increased performance and a lower refrigerant charge. The height has been reduced by 17 percent, which allows for increased ground clearance. The new condenser design provides optimized fan placement for improved airflow through the coil, while the filter/drier in the condenser is mounted in an easy-to-access location; the evaporator blowers can be replaced quickly without having to remove the entire unit cover or blower frame assembly. The return air filter is located at the rear of the evaporator section in a swing-out frame for quick replacement.

The SLC unit uses the condenser section of the Slim Line Rooftop model and adapts it for standalone use with split system evaporators, offering shuttle and bus operators and owners greater flexibility for a wide range of HVAC installation configurations. The environmentally aware condenser requires less refrigerant and measures six inches above the roof. Rooftop placement of the condenser reduces installation time and lessens refrigerant charge because it can be installed directly above the evaporator toward the rear of the vehicle. Reduced hose and harness lengths and the solution’s modular design also contribute to reduced installation time. Placing the condenser on the rooftop instead of in the traditional skirt location also removes it from exposure to road heat and debris, and reduces the chance of collision damage.

The SA-600 and SLR will offer the IntelligAire III advanced microprocessor-based controller for bus climate control systems that can be programmed for either manual or automatic operation. This solution allows users to load a single program file that can be saved and applied to all buses in the fleet, making it ideal for transit fleets interested in standardizing controls across all units. IntelligAire III also provides improved diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities to help reduce downtime.