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“Obama set to announce heavy truck fuel economy standards”


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Bad for small fleets

“The goal is worthy, but the cost to business has not been properly analyzed. In typical reactive style, our president and our government has inserted rules that leave small business out without option. Force manufacturers to produce by this date, and you force industry to invest by this date. Have they forgotten the principle that small business creates jobs, not large industry? Unfortunately for us in small-business trucking less than 250 units, forced investment in an unstable economy is not en vogue. Banks have completely different expectations than government, and cleaning the air with a five-year return on my investment is not on the last financial statement I was asked to submit.” – Clyde C. Kerns

Too much oversight

“This will be the death of owner-operators.

It’s just more government control that will

drive transportation costs through the roof.”

– Dave

Costs too much

“This is a joke. Every year they come out with new standards that drive the cost of equipment up. The costs to operate these new engines have risen dramatically.”

– Dan Ruhe

It’s about time

“Shipping costs are constantly going up because of fuel costs. Thirty years ago, diesel was never more expensive than gas prices. These standards should have been implemented years ago. Prices go down on implementing engine manufacturing as larger quantities of the component parts are manufactured, just like anything else!
 The world needs cleaner air, too.” – Steve Hopkins

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decision to overturn FMCSA’s EOBR regulation.

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answers to an online survey.




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