Mitsubishi Fuso boosts Canter fuel economy with new air deflector

Updated Oct 24, 2011

A new air deflector being offered by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. is designed to reduce drag while boosting fuel economy. The deflector is available for all Mitsubishi Fuso 2012 Canter FE/FG Series standard-cab models as well as for 2005-10 standard-cab FE and FG models. The unit is not applicable to, or intended for installation on Fuso crew cabs.

Custom-designed to match the contours and mounting hard-points of the Canter cab, the air deflector measures 38 inches tall to the top of the fairing. It can be installed by any authorized Mitsubishi Fuso dealer or on arriving cab/chassis at any of MFTA’s four ports of entry. The reinforced fiberglass deflector is white, but can be painted to match any standard or custom cab color.

According to modeling and aerodynamic calculations provided by the manufacturer, the deflector may reduce drag by as much as 5.4%, which could lead to an accompanying boost in fuel economy by as much as 2.7%.