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Updated Apr 23, 2012

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Guilty until proven innocent

“If you terminate a driver for a poor Unsafe Driver Basic score, be prepared for an unlawful termination suit. If the scores were derived from warnings only, that driver has been denied due process. The FMCSA is the only agency that believes in ‘guilty because I say so.’ Innocent until proven guilty is a basic right of our justice system, and no government agency should be able to deny that right.” – Ed Wayne

“CSA still needs tweaks, audit finds”

Jumping the gun

“It continually surprises me at the willingness of our government to implement before they are prepared and then expect the business community to pick up the tab. Obviously CSA was rolled out before it was ready, and there is still no talk to correct the many burdensome and counterproductive severity codes within the current law. I for one would appreciate a defunding of implementation until FMCSA is prepared to conduct a full review and cost analysis as to the real gains the trucking industry and the motoring community are gaining from implementation. Please continue to discuss distractions while driving, i.e. phone usage, speeding and following distance, and continued education; let’s make a real difference in the safety of our highways.”

– Clyde C. Kerns

Challenging inspections

“The inspectors are writing up these drivers for every little thing they can find, and in a lot of instances, what they write up isn’t correct, and they admit it but can’t change it on the inspection form, so the driver still gets the CSA points. You can fight tickets, but you can’t fight these inspection write-ups, and you should be able to. The driver shortage is becoming a really big problem, and do we really want to lose more drivers due to excessive points that might not even be correct? There needs to be somebody you can write to that can deal with erroneous write-ups on these inspection reports.” –Tina

The way it was

“What was wrong with the previous system of only the out-of-service items were used to measure a carrier’s on-road performance? Form and manner on the logs –how ridiculous is that to raise a carrier’s CSA score?” -Jim


Air One Untitled 1DEF Mobile Locator

What it does: This Air1 DEF from Yara app uses GPS technology to identify the retail outlets closest to a driver’s location to make finding diesel exhaust fluid easier for drivers. Users also can search by city, state or Zip code and view address and map locations.

What they say: “We’ve been absolutely thrilled with the positive response we received from drivers and retail outlets after the launch of our iPhone app and have incorporated a lot of the feedback that we received in both the new Android app and the latest iteration of the iPhone app.”

Access: Android, iPhone. Search “DEF” in iTunes App Store or Android Market

Transflo Untitled 1Transflo Now!

What it does: Pegasus TransTech’s Transflo Now! app is a mobile scanning solution that speeds document delivery by capturing and sending document images for processing and invoicing. Drivers can capture images of signed delivery receipts, logs or bills of lading and send multiple documents electronically to the fleet.

What they say: “It is another tool for drivers that complements our truckstop and in-cab scanning services. The process is simple so that fleets do not incur training costs and drivers aren’t faced with hassle.”

Access: iPhone. iTunes App Store

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