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Updated Apr 23, 2012

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“FMCSA unable to publish final hours rule by court deadline”

End government interference

“FMCSA cannot make the deadline and faces no penalties or fines. However, we the truckers have to abide with the rules immediately or face penalties and fines. We will have to man up as it were and force changes that benefit the industry, not hinder it. Far too many drivers and carrier management sit on their duffs waiting for the other shoe to drop. The time is now to put a stop to this ugly government interference.” -Gordon

Leveling the playing field

“This has nothing to do with highway safety. This is all about leveling the playing field for the big carriers and the unions. They can’t compete with the owner-operators or small fleets, so they want to force everyone to follow ‘their’ rules. If this were truly about highway safety, the unions and huge carriers wouldn’t be backing this. Based on FMCSA’s own statistics, the highways are safer now than they have been in years. So the proof is that the 2008 rules are working. If the ‘big boys’ can’t compete, well, too bad. Capitalism is the only way to have a truly free society. Leveling the playing field sounds like communism or socialism to me.” -Dave J.

Consumer costs will rise

“Change without prudent improvement does not make any sense! If the transportation industry is cut back to 10 hours of driving per day, then the industry loses about a day a week of production for each driver! That means the industry must buy more trucks and trailers and hire more drivers to move the same amount of freight at a much higher cost per mile. That will drive up the price for a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, a gallon of milk and a pound of bacon! This could end up costing the consumer more money, and a lot of consumers do not have more money to spend! The powers that be need to stop and think about their fellow persons in the United States of America! One for all, all for one, and leave well enough alone!!!” -Dwight Fowler

Turnabout is fair play

“I feel that our elected government officials should also be subjected to 13 hours on duty and should not be able to drive after that period of time. They should be confined to their offices and face fines and penalties if their daily logs are not current. It is plain to see that they are not of sound mind and ignorant of the real effect of the rules they make only to find a new way to put more money in the coffers. And by the way, how many deaths are there because of automobile drivers who have exceeded similar time limits?” -Ron Clark

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Ilog Untitled 1iLog Miles

What it does: Computer-assisted logging of hours-of-service compliance

What they say: “iLog Miles will generate a PDF template of your daily logbook” that you can print and sign to store. As with other computer-assisted logging apps, ability to print is key to complying with federal recordkeeping guidelines.

Access: : iPhone.

Udrove Untitled 1uDrove

What it does: Computer-assisted logging and vehicle inspection report functionality as well as mileage tracking for taxes, fuel and other expense reporting

What they say: The app is free, but a monthly Web storage account for $25 completes the package. The company is building its “Gateway” system to be a full-function electronic onboard recorder managed from a smartphone, offering access to critical equipment information in real time to identify cost-reduction opportunities and partial automation of logs for accurate compliance.

Access: iPhone, Android, Blackberry.