City of Minneapolis, Donaldson tests emissions retrofit system

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The Exhaust & Emissions business unit of Donaldson Co. announced the completion of a two-year field test of its NXF emissions retrofit system on a front end loader used by the City of Minneapolis. Donaldson says that during the test period, its emissions reduction system reduced significant levels of nitrogen oxide, particulate matter (soot), hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions, and that test results exceeded program expectations.

The field test was conducted in conjunction with Project Green Fleet and the City of Minneapolis and featured a new retrofit technology choice – the Donaldson NXF emission system designed to handle the heavy-duty emissions load created by offroad diesel engines. Donaldson says tests show the system removed 99 percent of particulate matter (soot), more than 55 percent of the NOx and more than 90 percent of the hydrocarbons and CO, and that over the 4,000-plus hours of operation, the soot removed would have filled more than 15 55-gallon drums, while the NOx reduction was equivalent to removing four 2001-era school buses from the road each year.

“Last year, the City of Minneapolis had more than 30 miles of roadway improvements under way, with crews using heavy-duty offroad equipment to repair streets from harsh winter damage,” says Steve Kotke, Public Works director. “Given the results of this test, if we achieved this same result across our fleet of similar construction equipment, we’d potentially see an annual PM reduction of 461 pounds, enough to fill over 100 55-gallon drums, and a NOx reduction equivalent to removing 23 school buses from the road each year. In addition, as older equipment is replaced by newer models, we’ll give strong consideration to manufacturers that support our initiatives to reduce air pollution in Minnesota.”

The purpose of the Donaldson field test was two-fold: to support Project Green Fleet’s ongoing initiative to reduce air pollution throughout Minnesota; and second, for Donaldson to accumulate the minimum 1,000 hours of field testing required to apply for California Air Resources Board and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency verification. Regulatory agency verification is required in order to sell the new emissions reduction technology.

Project Green Fleet is an effort of the Minneapolis-based nonprofit organization, Environmental Initiative, to improve air quality and protect public health by reducing emissions from Minnesota’s diesel vehicles. Since 2006, Project Green Fleet has installed pollution control equipment, implemented idle reduction technologies and replaced older engines with new, cleaner running engines that have led to an annual reduction of 23.55 tons of particulate matter, the equivalent of removing 350,000 cars from the road each year.

“Donaldson has been a lon-time participant in Minnesota’s Project Green Fleet, and we support and applaud the inititiaves this collaborative is taking to reduce air pollution around our State,” says Ted Angelo, general manager of exhaust and emissions at Donaldson.

The tested NXF Emissions System is a complete emissions solution, combining diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction technologies designed specifically for off-road applications. For select Tier 0-2 engines, the system is designed to deliver more than 85 percent NOx reduction and 99 percent particulate matter reduction.