Solus showcases new aerodynamic devices

Updated Feb 22, 2012

At the Technology and Maintenance Council Spring Meeting in Tampa, Fla., Solus has a range of new aerodynamic devices for commercial trailers on display, including the Solus Split Skirt and Wheel Cavity Covers, both part of the company’s Air Conqueror line of aerodynamic fairings.

Solus says its Wheel Cavity Covers are designed to enhance tractor-trailer fuel economy by up to 1.3 percent, according to approved SAE Type II testing. The wheel covers fits all dual- and wide-based wheels and are made from a high-density durable polyurethane material for long life in the field. They feature a tough yet simple installation/removal bracket system that can be manipulated with a flathead screwdriver or even a penny or dime if tools are unavailable.

The Solus Split Skirt mounts underneath a trailer and is designed for fleets that need to operate in California but do not wish to install a conventional skirt kit on their trailers. There are 14 different Split Skirt configurations available to meet a wide variety of trailer applications, usually featuring a “Y” shape.