SpeedGauge develops technique to verify GPS accuracy

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SpeedGauge, a provider of business intelligence and location-based analytics for the trucking and insurance industry, announced a new GPS data accuracy and quality verification technique. The new technology platform, called SpeedGaugeAssurance, assists telematics service providers to monitor the accuracy of infield devices and to benchmark the performance of devices in real-world operating conditions.

GPS data accuracy, often affected by faulty installation, impacts the quality of vehicle operation reports and creates post-sale customer service issues for service providers. SpeedGaugeAssurance uses proprietary analytic techniques to monitor and assess the directional and positional accuracy of real-world data. In addition, it does not require known fixed locations to measure and benchmark accuracy.

“This technology benefits telematics service providers by reducing post-installation customer service issues,” said Chris Kantarjiev, Ph.D., chief technology officer of SpeedGauge. “This technology can be used to rate service offerings and provide real-world verification of superior infield performance.”

SpeedGaugeAssurance is a new offering that grows out of the company’s technical partnership with telematics service providers to deliver driver behavior monitoring and coaching tools to fleets. Its platform marries safety, risk, GPS analysis and coaching tools to enable smarter and safer driving, the company says.