Thermo King launching new solutions

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Thermo King is introducing new solutions designed to drive energy and operational efficiency for owners and operators by lowering costs and increasing the efficiency, sustainability, uptime and quality of products delivered.

“We closely monitor industry challenges and customer needs to provide solutions for our customers that optimize energy and operational efficiency and the quality of the products they deliver,” said Doug Lenz, director of product management and marketing for Thermo King, a manufacturer of temperature control systems for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand.

Thermo King is introducing a dual-mode cellular/Wi-Fi monitoring solution in June. The updated TracKing unit is designed to allow users to save cellular communication costs and increase efficiency while increasing uptime by using Wi-Fi when available. TracKing is a Web-based asset management system designed to remotely monitor and track untethered refrigerated units, pre-cool them, download temperature data and upload temperature profiles. When the truck leaves the yard, TracKing is designed to switch back to cellular mode automatically for over-the-road monitoring.

The company’s CargoLink wireless door sensors are designed to communicate to the refrigeration unit to shut off when the door is open, thereby reducing fuel and maintenance costs and providing load quality protection. Users can combine these wireless sensors with TracKing telematics to help maximize control and visibility of load quality parameters. There are no wires to route through the trailer or truck body.