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Updated Apr 28, 2012

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Charge for services rendered

“Wow – as a fleet owner, I never viewed the offering of a job as harassment. Nor have I considered the expectation of an employee doing the requirements of the job as harassment. If a driver is out of hours, he needs to stop and rest. If the shipper or dispatcher does not understand the variables of the business – delays at all levels of the transportation chain – then perhaps he needs to maintain a little higher inventory level. Is it just me, or does just-in-time production management only lead to unreasonable pressure on transportation providers? Maybe mandated EOBRs would enable the industry to present the facts to our customers and allow our industry to charge an appropriate rate for a service rendered – not keep us under unreasonable expectations where we all must angle and manipulate traffic lanes to survive.”

– Clyde C. Kerns



“EOBR report addresses driver harassment”

Harassment won’t last

“This industry is ripe with data manipulation. But it takes a lot more effort to change electronic data than paper records. Logbooks are a joke, and we all know it. We complain about not getting paid for what we do in this industry, but when there is a potentially better way to level the playing field, people – for whatever reason – stand up to defend a system that no longer works. Drivers should be paid for sitting at customers, not asked to show time off in the paper log so they can run longer than the 14 hours and not be compensated for it. Anyone who has driven a truck knows this does happen. EOBRs make this falsification much more difficult. If a driver is harassed by a carrier, then he should go work elsewhere. Good carriers are desperate for good drivers. The harassment will not last long.” – Greg Woolman



Productivity in a nutshell

“The truth about EOBRs in a nutshell – productivity. To see this, all one need do is look at who’s pushing them. … Large trucking companies see EOBRs as a means of controlling the trucking market that they have largely failed to completely control so far. Growth and acquisition of market share through production control is their method of choice. Big trucking companies feel EOBRs will do two things. First, they think EOBRs will level the playing field by making sure smaller companies and owner-ops behave themselves – control the competition by law. Second, they want to control their own company drivers by EOBRs. … The other problem with EOBRs from a driver’s perspective is that it serves to validate the sense that only driving counts as work. And this will only lead to exacerbate a problem with the industry itself.” – F. McHenry



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What it does: Pilot Flying J’s new app allows users to search for the company’s area locations and shows current fuel prices, DEF availability and more.

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