Composite floor provider cites forest sustainability study

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Havco Wood Products, a provider of composite floors for the trucking industry, announced the results of a recent study by Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers on the growth and sustainability of the Appalachian hardwood forest. According to the study, Appalachian hardwood growth-to-removal ratio is 2.45 to 1 in 2012, which represents a 5 percent increase over the findings in a similar study done in 2007.

Through modern forest management techniques and wise resource utilization, forested land in the Appalachian region has grown by 300,000 acres across 344 counties, adding 300 million new trees since 2007. “Because of natural regeneration and forest management in the region, we have an extremely stable timber base,” says Tom Inman, AHMI president. “We believe this goes beyond basic sustainability and verifies an expanding resource and timber base for the future.”

Havco is an AHMI member. “We choose to use Appalachian oak in our composite floors not only for its natural properties of strength and durability, but also for oakʼs ample availability and sustainability,” says Bruce Bader, president and chief executive officer. “We applaud the efforts taken to help preserve this important natural resource for future generations.”