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Trucking’s a tough profession. A lot of tough professions have earned a place in society as one that’s honorable and respected, like steelworkers or goods packers. Some of those tough, honorable professions have been deemed manly and respectable enough that we’ve named sports teams after them in Pittsburgh and Green Bay. Even the Patriots were named after tough dudes who fought for our freedom and started this country.

So why not name a team after truckers? Hey, someone’s got to get steel and packed goods from place to place, don’t they? Don’t truckers deserve their own team? We’ve already got one team named after a mode of transportation – the Jets – so why not show some respect for the big rigs? Can’t you see yourself sitting on your couch on Sunday afternoon with a cold brew and your best friends yelling at your TV “Go, Truckers!”?

Laugh it you will, but you have to admit it’s a lot more manly than names like the Dolphins (they always seem really nice when you see them), Cardinals (they’re so little and they always fly away when you get close to them), Saints (they might be tough some days, but it just doesn’t sound like it) and Buccaneers (why weren’t just called the Pirates to begin with? The sports world is littered with duplicate nicknames!).

Hey, the Bucs and the Truckers even sound a little alike. So call Tampa’s front office today and tell them you want the Bucs to be renamed the Truckers – drop the “Bay” while they’re at it, since they don’t play in the water – and never to wear those ugly orange outfits again.