On shipper-carrier relations

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At the CCJ Spring Symposium on Wednesday, May 23, an executive panel gathered to discuss “Improving Shipper-Carrier Relations.” “Fuel is something we need to be reimbursed for,” said Brent Nussbaum, chief executive officer of Nussbaum Transportation Services, when the subject of fuel surcharges came up. “It’s the cost of doing business.” Nussbaum said his chief financial officer meets personally with clients to explain fuel prices and why his carrier and all carriers have surcharge plans.

On the need for carriers to provide more transparency when setting rates, Nussbaum said regular-lane pricing is just one part of the equation, and that all factors that affect a lane’s yield – deadhead, follow-up loads, etc. – must be considered when setting rates and explaining them to customers. “You can show them in the software how this piece of business isn’t performing well,” he said. “Customers love it.”

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