Remembering truckers

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As I sit in a floatie in the middle of a swimming pool in Pensacola, Fla., on this hot sunny Memorial Day, I can’t help but wonder how this floatie found its way to Pensacola. Or how the suntan lotion I applied generously to my face and shoulders — to little avail, I might add — made its way to the shelves at the drugstore down the road. Or how the shrimp sauce I used to dunk my peel-n-eats happened to land on the counter at the seafood shop.

Yes, my family and I had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without all the goodies we needed to make the days complete — goodies that were hauled to Pensacola on trucks by truckers, including the hard workers we saw fighting their way through crazy holiday traffic on the way to Florida. So in addition to honoring fallen military heroes who gave their lives so we can enjoy American things such as long holiday weekends at the beach, let’s remember the drivers who had to drive their trucks today so that we could have all the everyday stuff we take for granted.