Carrier Logistics revs up Dock Management System for LTL

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Updated Jun 29, 2012

Storage Working Moving BoxesCarrier Logistics Inc. announced the launch of an improved version of its Dock Management System for less-than-truckload carriers. The new version has new features such as reweigh integration,  misload prevention, dimension capture, piece-level tracking and complete automation of paperwork, the company says.

“We’ve seen clients realize a saving of 30 percent and more in dock costs by utilizing this innovative total Dock System,” says Ken Weinberg, CLI co-founder and vice president, who stresses that the system is the next big step forward in information technology from CLI’s previous version.  “They‘ve also quantified extensive savings in administrative costs, so DMS pays for itself in months, not years,” Weinberg says.

The new DMS offers real-time manifesting with full revenue capture while helping move shipments in the right direction. It helps to pinpoint shipment location and to scan freight at every stage. It also enables full communication with no paper notes or verbal instructions because workers see their instructions right on their handheld devices.

 “DMS is not just dock scanning,” says Ben Wiesen,CLI vice president, product and services. “It is really the next generation of a dock system, providing complete dock productivity measurement and management down to assigning tasks to individual dock employees.” 

The system allows for multiple dockworkers to load or unload a single trailer, keeping track of where all shipments are and who handled them when, according to Wiesen.

DMS immediately gets information from scales and cube measurement devices and automatically corrects each freight bill. It enables observers to see both the old and new weights and measurements to assure application of the correct freight rate.

CLI says DMS offers other advantages, which include:

  • Tracking each shipment and each piece, ensuring full shipment disclosure and tracking;
  • When a truck returns to the terminal, freight can be scanned during unloading, creating a skeleton probill and a strip unit record before re-scanning on outbound units;
  • Assignments can be viewed online, eliminating manual dock productivity tracking; and
  • Using a handheld scanner, a worker can check or change the location of staged freight and view a list of each probill to be loaded and the current staged location of the freight.

CLI’s DMS is available either as a free-standing system for carriers that do not use the company’s Facts (Freight Accounting and Computerized Tracking System) freight management system, or as one of a series of enhancements to the Facts system, available as an upgrade to current system users.