J.J. Keller’s EOBR supports oil field exception

Updated Jul 30, 2012

J.J. Keller announced that Encompass, a compliance management tool, now will support the U.S. oldfield logging exception through the use of Keller’s Android-based electronic onboard recording system.

“The U.S. oilfield exception is critical to effectively manage hours-of-service requirements in the oil and gas field industry,” said Rustin Keller, vice president of business services for J.J. Keller. “Fleets can take advantage of the 24-hour off-duty reset of the eight-day period and the ‘fifth line’ for time spent waiting at a well site. Understanding this compliance is very difficult, and our systems help eliminate both log audit headaches and DOT noncompliance fines.”

This feature is the latest addition to the Encompass system’s comprehensive database of 18 industry- and state-specific rule sets. The rule sets currently supported in the Encompass EOBR/E-Log Solution include:
• US Federal (60 and 70);
• US Oil Field; and
• CD Federal (Cycles 1 and 2).
• Florida
• Texas

Encompass also supports many additional dederal- and state-specific hours-of-service rules for the manual entry of driver logs.

“J.J. Keller’s Encompass supports these unique state, federal and industry-specific rule sets at no additional cost,” said Bob Larsen, director of business services-marketing for J.J. Keller. “These complex calculations are developed and tested by J.J. Keller regulatory experts, so our customers can relax in the knowledge that their fleets will remain compliant.”