Utility Trailer launches new online newsletter

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is launching a new online newsletter called Utilitopics.com, Utility’s online newsletter.

Utilitopics.com is the online version of the company’s current printed newsletter. Published several times a year, Utilitopics is a resource for obtaining new product information, the latest company news, dealer news, and stories profiling Utility’s customers. “By adding an online version of the newsletter, we are providing an optional method for those individuals preferring to obtain information electronically. This will also help in reducing the amount of copies we will print for each issue,” said Craig Bennett, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing for Utility. “The reduction of paper usage will help support our on-going commitment of strengthening Utility’s corporate sustainability efforts.”

By subscribing to the newsletter, visitors will have instant access to Utility’s latest news and information. Subscribers will receive an e-mail notification once a news item has been posted on Utilitopics.com. The site also grants visitors the ability to leave a comment and join the conversation with others. Visit: www.utilitopics.com for a look at Utility’s current Spring/Summer issue. For more information about Utility Trailer Manufacturing, visit: www.utilitytrailer.comZzxxccvv.