Bendix participating in Drive Safely Work Week

Updated Sep 29, 2012

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems is participating in Drive Safely Work Week 2012, taking place Oct. 1-5. Sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety since 1996, Drive Safely Work Week is an annual national workplace safety campaign designed to remind employees about safe driving practices.

During Drive Safely Work Week, Bendix will continue its ongoing efforts to highlight the dangers of distracted driving to its work force. The company has designed a number of educational activities for the week that underscore awareness of and attention to state and federal laws, regulations and guidelines, as well as its own distracted-driving policy.

“We recognize that distracted driving is becoming a lethal epidemic across North America, and we’re taking every opportunity to encourage safe driving behaviors among our work force,” said Diane Shields, Bendix vice president of human resources. “The U.S. Drive Safely Work Week mission dovetails nicely with the companywide efforts already under way. Compliance with the Bendix Distracted Driving Policy is an important element of our ongoing efforts to protect the well-being of our work force and to help improve highway safety. Our employees all across North America have embraced the policy, and many are beginning to apply the practices in their personal lives as well.”

Shields said that the policy reflects the unique needs and scope of the company’s business, as well as Bendix’s focus on safety and concern for the growing problem of distracted driving. “Bendix believes that while everyone should be concerned with distracted driving, companies need to make their own choices regarding distracted driving policies that reflect the needs of their business and their work force,” Shields said. “What’s key is having the conversation and considering an approach that works for the business, their drivers and the motoring public.”