Help your drivers vote on Nov. 6

Haul The Vote Logo Veryhigh1Casting a vote is a right and a privilege afforded to every American. My father and both grandfathers put their lives on the line to make sure we continue to enjoy freedom and democracy, so voting is a responsibility I take very seriously.

Unfortunately, many of the 3.5 million truck drivers in our industry will be hundreds of miles away from their polling location on November 6. If they haven’t obtained an absentee ballot, their voice will go unheard in this year’s elections.

Enter “Haul the Vote” (, a Website created by a group of carriers that have taken it upon themselves to ensure truck drivers everywhere will have the opportunity to vote no matter where their load takes them on the first Tuesday in November. 

Haul the Vote is a non-partisan effort that provides drivers with the tools to register to vote, obtain an absentee ballot and learn about the federal, state and local candidates in this election cycle as well as where they stand on issues such as trucking and transportation, taxes and regulation, healthcare, energy, the deficit and Social Security.

Please use this opportunity to spread the word to your drivers, your employees and their families and make sure they have the opportunity to vote for their candidate of choice. For more information, go to Also be sure to check out the guide for absentee balloting by Overdrive, CCJ‘s sister publication, which contains useful information on the absentee balloting process aimed at independent contractors and company drivers.