Great Dane to release 7 years of fuel savings data at IFDA Conference

Great Dane says it will release updated seven-year test data at the 2012 IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference in Las Vegas that shows significant cooling unit fuel savings for most every type of refrigerated trailer operation utilizing the company’s exclusive ThermoGuard liner. According to Great Dane’s test results, fuel savings across a range of typical reefer operation types (excluding produce) average close to 1000 gallons over seven years, resulting in potential savings of thousands of dollars over the life of each ThermoGuard-equipped trailer.

Visitors to Great Dane’s booth (#337) at the show’s exhibit hall from October 29-30 will be able to learn more about ThermoGuard from the company’s key sales and technical staff, and also see one of the company’s latest Everest reefers. The 42′ Everest CL show trailer was built for Sysco, and features pull-out platforms at each side door, a ROM Sidekick walkramp, and CorroGuardTM, Great Dane’s exclusive corrosion-resistant undercoating.

According to Rick Mullininx, Executive Vice President of Engineering at Great Dane, the latest ThermoGuard performance data is the result of seven years of in-house and independent laboratory testing, as well as real-world customer feedback from ThermoGuard users in multiple operational categories and locations. Mullininx says that test results show operators in almost every type of refrigerated trailer operation realize significant benefits with ThermoGuard liners, with the greatest savings potential available to long-haul, low-temperature carriers.
“Our test data shows that most every refrigerated trailer owner can recoup the cost of the ThermoGuard liner in the first few years of operation through lower cooling unit fuel costs,” Mullininx adds. “After that break-even point, owners can pocket the additional savings for the remaining life of the trailer, while realizing other benefits such as reduced maintenance costs and higher resale value.”