J.J. Keller upgrades Client Information Center


J. J. Keller announced an upgrade to the internet portal that supports clients of their outsourced services. The new “J. J. Keller Client Information Center” allows clients to remain abreast of compliance work managed by J. J. Keller.

Companies subject to regulations imposed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) utilize J. J. Keller’s services to monitor compliance trends, regulatory requirements, documentation, and completeness of information.
“Our clients entrust us with helping to manage critical work processes and documents, and it’s imperative that we keep them informed of the potential for non-compliance to regulations,” said Scot Rambo, J. J. Keller’s director of compliance services. “At a glance, our clients know if they have compliance issues and we work closely with them to fix those issues and mitigate risk that could cause significant fines, be harmful in litigation, or potentially shut down an operation.”

The Client Information Center has a series of dashboards that provide visual snapshots of compliance, as well as links to detail for specific employees or records that require attention. Clients of Keller Services can contact their assigned client representative and also access the “Personal Assistant” feature in which compliance questions can be instantly messaged to Keller’s staff of regulatory experts, for answers or clarifications.
J. J. Keller’s compliance services for the transportation industry include the management of driver qualification files, drug and alcohol program administration, log auditing, driver vehicle inspection report auditing, CSA program administration, vehicle titling, registration, and permitting. For human resource professionals, J. J. Keller oversees FMLA leave tracking, leave determination, documentation, and provides certification review.