Faust Distributing selects Paragon for routing


Paragon Software Systems, a niche software company focused on vehicle routing and scheduling, announced that Faust Distributing Company, one of the largest family-owned beer distributors in Texas and one of the largest independent distributors of Miller and Coors products in the United States, has selected Paragon software for the daily planning of its sales representatives and distribution fleet. 

Paragon software will be used to create master routes for both the sales and distribution departments at Faust. Once master routes are established, live order volumes will be added for distribution routes and adjusted as needed in order to achieve maximum efficiency.  For seasonal influxes they will add additional routes if necessary.

“Paragon proved itself to be more than capable of handling the challenges faced by our industry, which should help us meet the needs of our 3,400 customers located across 12 counties,” stated Harry Faust, director of IT at Faust.  “With its wide range of configurable software, we feel that Paragon is the right solution to help us streamline our distribution operation while continuing to maintain and improve our service commitment to our loyal customer base.”