Collision-mitigation tech mandate, distracted driving top NTBS list

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MeritorSix of the 10 issues listed in the National Transportation Safety Board’s “Most Wanted List” for 2013 focus on highway travel, including hope for a mandate for collision avoidance technology for trucks, eliminating distractions like portable electronics and eliminating substance-impaired driving. 

The list covers all modes of transportation and, NTSB says, the intent for each of the 10 items is to mitigate causes of death and injury. 

The list includes: 

  • Banning “nonessential use” of electronic and other devices
  • Mandating inclusion of collision-mitigating technologies as standard equipment
  • Investing and “allocating resources” in transportation infrastructure 
  • Eliminating substance-impaired driving by implementing preventative programs and assessments for abuse
  • Improving bus safety operations by ensuring drivers are qualified and well rested
  • Improving fire safety via temperature monitoring of wheels and engine rooms
  • Improving general aviation safety
  • Implementing positive train controls ystems
  • Enhancing pipeline safety
  • Making aircraft runway operations safer