McLeod Software: 2012 sales up 44 percent

McLeod Software announced that 2012 was another record year in sales revenue for new, first time customers. On the heels of its previous record year in 2011, sales in McLeod Software’s 2012 calendar year increased by 44 percent. It was also the third straight year that the company’s overall revenue growth exceeded 20 percent from the previous year.

“2012 economic conditions were just right for what we do, because companies were seeing improvement in the economy and opportunities in the marketplace, but they weren’t so busy that they didn’t have time to stop and look for ways to improve their business,” said Tom McLeod, president and CEO of McLeod Software. “Our customers have said that their key customers are asking them to do more – to take on freight that they haven’t previously tried to handle. They have to broaden their services, and it’s very important that they have an information system that will support those services.”

“If we’ve done anything right, we’ve been careful listeners,” he continued. “We listen very carefully to our customers in order to move our products and services in a direction that’s being well-received by the marketplace. As a result, in 2012 we saw new companies adopting our products in record numbers in addition to existing customers upgrading at a record pace.”

Tom McLeod went on to explain that he wants McLeod Software customers to be the most competitive transportation companies in the marketplace. This way, McLeod Software will be rewarded with their business for years to come.

“I’m excited about the year ahead. Sales activity is at an all-time high. The development that we have lined up in response to input from customers is tremendous. This year, we’re going to be able to release more new modules and features than ever before.”

Click here to view the full video version of Tom McLeod’s assessment of the company’s 2012 results.