PEAK creates coolant test strip

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Updated Mar 13, 2013

PEAK, a division of Old World Industries, has released Final Charge coolant testing strips to measure the quality of engine coolant in commercial vehicles.
“We all know that high-performing, fully functioning equipment is essential to success and it’s critical to have a resource for the best functional fluids to keep those machines running,” says Dr. Frank Cook, senior Vice President of new product development at Old World Industries.
According to PEAK, the new strips measure organic acid and are not affected by conventional inhibitors such as silicate, borate, nitrate molybdate and phosphate.
Testing engine coolant is simple, PEAK says. Obtain a coolant sample, dip the test strip for three seconds and match the inhibitor to color chart provided, which PEAK says provides a key for the test results and follow up maintenance recommendations.
PEAK also has created a one-million mile guarantee on its Final Charge coolant.
“We know this product will last for at least one million miles and we’re backing it up,” says Cook.