FMCSA warning drivers, CDL schools of fraudulent ‘recruiters’

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A scam based in fraudulent driver recruiting is taking advantage of truckers to the tune of $350, says the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, who posted a warning letter on its website this week.

The scam consists of someone posing as a recruiter for a legitimate carrier and making calls to CDL holders and CDL schools and offering jobs — with a sense of urgency, says FMCSA — with a very good pay and benefit package. The fake recruiters also say they’ll wave prior DUI and criminal records.

Afterward, they instruct the victims to wire money, usually via a WalMart-to-WalMart transfer, in order to “prove financial solvency,” says FMCSA. Other recruiters have directed wire transfers via services like Western Union.

The victims are then instructed to drive to a location in another state to pick up a company trainer, which never occurs.

FMCSA is telling drivers to contact the publicly listed telephone numbers of the carriers to ensure that recruiters are authorized representatives of the carrier.

See FMCSA’s warning letter here.