TouchStar chooses TREQ-VMx mobile data terminal

Updated May 24, 2013

TouchStar, a mobility software provider for the oil and gas, field services, consumer goods and transportation industries, has chosen the TREQ-VMx mobile data terminal by Beijer Electronics as a critical component of its rugged in-cab, Flex fleet automation system.

The Flex is a rugged, fixed-mount system that provides electronic ticketing, invoicing and signature capture. Drivers communicate with accounting, planning and dispatch systems using the portable TREQ-VMx mobile data terminal. The Flex system also includes workforce and fleet scheduling, paperless eCommerce, route logistics and navigation, driver eLog and compliance administration, telematics and behavior management, and advanced back-office data integration.

The Flex system is available in multiple configurations, typically including a 4″ thermal printer, a TREQ-VMx, rugged mounting hardware and TouchStar’s mobility software. The portability of the TREQ-VMx allows drivers to remove the terminal from its mounting and take it outside the truck to capture signatures at time of delivery. Drivers also have the capability to take pictures for data logging with a built-in camera.

“Our customers were asking for a rugged in-cab terminal that was also portable and easily transferable between vehicles,” said Dave Fredricks, Sales Manager at TouchStar. “We chose the TREQ-VMx for our Flex system because it not only features a large, 7” color, touch-screen display and WiFi capabilities, it also is highly portable while still demonstrating extreme durability.”

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