Pegasus TransTech releases new Transflo version

Updated Jun 28, 2013

Pegasus TransTech released a new version of Transflo, its business process management and automation system for the transportation industry. According to Pegasus, Transflo efficiently processes, stores, and quickly retrieves critical business documents to help companies go paperless and save money.

With the newest release, a Transflo customer can segregate multiple companies, divisions, subsidiaries, and other entities in a secure yet easy-to-manage environment with multi-repository support. An organization can direct image and content archiving to multiple databases if needed.

Transflo has been tested and is certified on Microsoft Windows 2008 and 2012 as well as on Microsoft SQL 2012.

Pegasus TransTech says a number of other improvements target those who work with Transflo every day. Upgrades have been made to various modules, such as Image Viewer and Express Indexing, which now allows for the integration and processing of electronic forms, extending the software’s low-touch, no-touch capabilities.

Pegasus TransTech’s scanning systems include Transflo Express, Transflo Now, Transflo Mobile, and Transflo Velocity. These products integrate into Transflo to make the delivery-to-cash process faster and more efficient, the company says.

Transflo’s Workflow module also has been upgraded with performance enhancements and additional workflow templates for the Workflow Library. These templates allow customers to initiate automated, repeatable, and monitored electronic workflow processes in areas such as billing, settlement, maintenance, driver recruiting, and more.