Air-Weigh creates web-based certification program

Updated Jul 8, 2013

Air-Weigh, a provider of on-board scale technology, created an exclusive On-Board Club. The new Club’s membership is limited to drivers and fleets who use Air-Weigh On-Board Scales to check the weight of each load while they are loading, and  every time they pick up a load.  Annual Membership requires using Air-Weigh scales and passing a short online training program.

Air-Weigh says the On-Board Club will promote fuel conservation, saving hours-of-service and increasing overall productivity and efficiency through the use of on-board scales. Using on-board scales allows companies to accurately price each customer’s loads based upon the on-the-ground weight of each load transported.

The 15-minute web-based training and certification program is specifically designed to help Air-Weigh’s customers learn how to use on-board scales so they can enjoy all the benefits this technology has to offer. This three-step program can be customized to accommodate specific needs of Air-Weigh customers, and allows mass driver training using a short video followed with a multiple choice exam.

Here is a link to the On-Board Club certification program.