NAFTA trade up 77.5 percent from 2009

Updated Aug 2, 2013

bts36_13_3bts36_13_2_0The value of goods moved between the United States and North American Free Trade Agreement partners Canada and Mexico rose 1.8 percent in May from the same month in 2012 to $98.6 billion, the Department of Transportation announced this week.

Trucking continued its stranglehold on freight movement between the countries, moving 60.8 percent of freight moved to and from the U.S. and NAFTA partners. Surface transportation modes — truck, rail and pipeline — moved 82.7 percent of freight between the U.S. and Canada and Mexico.

The value amount moved in May 2013 between the U.S. and NAFTA partners — the $98.6 billion — is a 77.5 percent increase from May 2009.

For freight movement with Canada, trucks carried 55.2 percent of the $54.8 billion in freight, while all modes of surface transportation moved 83.2 percent of all freight moved between the two countries.

In trade with Mexico, trucks carried 67.8 percent of the $43.8 billion in freight, and surface transportation modes moved 82.1 percent of that total.

Michigan led all states in goods transported to and from Canada for the 10th straight month, with $6.4 billion in goods movement, while Texas continued to lead all states in goods transported to and from Mexico, with $17 billion. Texas has topped all states in trade with Mexico for all 230 months the DOT has kept records.