Double Coin announces online inventory tracking system

Double Coin Tires and CMA has announced the release of the second phase of their e-commerce website.

CMA’s e-commerce dealer website portal online at: now includes real-time inventory tracking and automatic e-mail notifications. The system is created for ordering as well as providing pricing capabilities for container and warehouse-delivered products marketed and distributed by CMA. With new enhanced features, the portal now enables CMA customers to manage orders & invoices, track inventory, and receive status notifications as it happens. CMA also has the capability to communicate to customers using a customized administrative system that deploys e-mail message notifications as orders are confirmed, shipped, or completed.

“We are continually refining our e-commerce website portal to help our dealers obtain information instantly and track their inventory at any given time,” said Aaron C. Murphy, Vice President of CMA. “The updated system has been proven to be an efficient means for communicating to our customers, and for our customers to instantly track their orders.”