LInkeDrive debuts PedalCoach fuel economy software at ATA

Updated Oct 24, 2013

imageLinkeDrive says its new PedalCoach driver-focused fuel economy software can save fleets “a nickel a mile” in fuel costs. Company founder and CEO Jeff Baer says PedalCoach reads and analyzes data from a commerical vehicle’s J1939 canbus to deliver “unique and appropriate fuel economy targets” for drivers to aim for in daily driving.

The software, which Baer says can be installed in about five minutes, allows drivers to track and adjust real-time fuel economy numbers via a smartphone or tablet. Drivers are given a fuel economy gauge that allows them score “points” for each mile driven in the “green,” or optimal fuel economy zone. The overall effect, he says, is drivers learn to “progressively accelerate, handle hills and look ahead to effectively time lights and maintain ‘forward awareness.'” In addition to immediate fleet and vehicle fuel savings, Baer says PedalCoach allows fleets to offer fair pay-for-performance fuel savings programs for drivers. “It’s my belief that if fleets want to boost their fuel savings, drivers have to have some skin in the game,” Baer says. “And pay-for-performance programs have to be fair to be effective. PedalCoach allows that to happen.”