Michelin expands Roadside Emergency services with OnCall 2.0

Updated Oct 24, 2013

Michelin has dramatically expanded its OnCall Emergency Tire Service with today’s launch of OnCall 2.0 at the ATA Show in Orlando, FL, today.

Michelin vice president, Vic Kolsch says the enhanced service package is “now about much more than tires.” New aspects for the service include mechanical, towing and tire service features as well as a host of new real-time tracking and reporting services. “When a truck breaks down, the questions begin,” Koelsch notes. “Where is the truck?What has happened? When can we get it repaired? Now, thanks to OnCall 2.0, a single phone call connects you to the most comprehensive service available to — service you can trust to get your vehicle back on the road quickly.”

Moving beyond tire support, Koelsch says the new system includes a full range of breakdown service support, including fuel delivery, jump starts, suspension repair, lights, brakes, engine repair as well as other services. And most repairs, he says, come with a targeted “roll time of 2 hours.”

OnCall 2.0 also includes Towing services, which allow fleets to arrange transportation of a down truck to the repair location of their choice, including securement and cleaning of abandoned vehicles

Of course, Koelsch says tires are the backbone of Michelin’s OnCall service. So it’s no surprise the company has expanded support in this area, now offering a U.S.-based, multi-language call center and a dealer location service Another important feature is the ERS Online Dashboard that allows fleet managers to access “state of the art” information on the repair process, including photos of the vehicle and damaged areas, real-time progress reports as well as summary information including “roll time” figures and complete downtime metrics. The goal, Koelsch notes, is so fleet managers spend less time gathering and analyzing data and more time making decisions.