Navistar launches OnCommand Connection telematics system

Navistar is showcasing its new OnCommand Connection remote diagnostics system at The ATA Show in Orlando, FL, this week. The company says the new remote diagnostic system is the first portal that uses an open architecture structure which allows fleets to use it with existing telematics providers. This means it can be used with competitive truck models as well as International brand vehicles. Navistar says the system is designed increase vehicle uptime by supporting quicker repairs and allowing fleets to better control maintenance and repair costs.

The system allows fleet managers to conduct a deep dive on both vehicles reporting a breakdown or imminent maintenance need, or even flag a vehicle to ascertain its current status and schedule maintenance or a repair. The system is so detailed, fleet managers can track a vehicle down to a street location an even get a local weather report for the area. The system automatically flags all International Trucks dealerships within a 100 mile radius of a truck that needs a repair or maintenance.

A vehicle health report compliments these features while a dashboard feature allows fleets to see repair steps in real time and quickly understand the severity of the issues and make decisions and take appropriate actions in a timely manner.

Nadine Haupt, director of powertrain product marketing for Navistar says th system is currently undergoing final validation testing with fleets nationwide and will go live to customers in January 2014.