Meritor honors quality achievements in North America and Europe

Updated Feb 27, 2014

Meritor is presenting facilities in North America and Europe with chairman, gold and silver 2013 Quality Achievement Awards for efforts which increased product and manufacturing quality.

“Quality is a top priority for our customers, our company and our employees globally,” said Joe ElBehairy, vice president, Engineering, Quality and Product Strategy. “We want to recognize the teams that engineered and manufactured the highest quality products for our customers and achieved strategic quality goals, such as zero defects and reduced parts per million (PPM).”

The company’s most prestigious honor, the Chairman’s Award, was presented to Meritor’s York, S.C., United States facility for its EX225 air disc brake assembly operation. The York team developed a system to mistake-proof its manufacturing processes and ensure correct brake builds. At the plant, this process improved EX225 air disc brake assembly quality to zero reported PPM in 2013, despite a tenfold increase in brake product complexity.

“Air disc brake acceptance has been growing in North America, and the York team has done an exceptional job to accomplish zero PPM for our EX225 air disc brakes, which will provide the reliability customers need,” ElBehairy added.

Employee teams earning gold awards for quality improvements were Cameri, Italy, Asheville, N.C., United States and the Sisamex facility in Mexico. Silver awards were presented to Asheville, N.C., United States, Lindesberg, Sweden, Monterrey, Mexico, Cameri, Italy and the Sisamex facility in Mexico

As part of the company’s goals, quality continues to be at the forefront as employees continuously develop improved processes to manufacture improved products, ElBehairy added.