J.J. Keller offers new premium audit, assessment service

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Updated Mar 24, 2014

The most recognized name in safety and regulatory compliance, J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc., has announced a new audit and assessment service.

The Neenah, Wis.-based company, which has provided audit services to fleets for many years, says the new J.J. Keller Diagnostic Audit & Assessment is the most in-depth analysis of its kind.

CLICK to see a video about J.J. Keller’s new audit and assessment programCLICK to see a video about J.J. Keller’s new audit and assessment program

Offered as a premium-level service, the J.J. Keller Diagnostic Audit & Assessment goes beyond a traditional compliance audit. A team of regulatory specialists, called J.J. Keller Advisors, go onsite and thoroughly assess a fleet’s CSA performance, safety management policies and procedures, and adoption of industry best practices.

During the audit and assessment, a J.J. Keller Advisor will score fleets in over 500 areas. Those scores will then be compiled into a J.J. Keller Performance Rating, which is a tool designed to measure and benchmark their risk exposure and performance against other fleets, their other locations, and their future progress.

For a fleet with 100 drivers, a J.J. Keller Advisor would would spend between two and four days on site, similar to the amount of time an auditor from the Department of Transportation would spend onsite to conduct a full-scale compliance review, says Steve Murray, J.J. Keller’s senior director of consulting services.

Once the audit is complete, fleets are given a complete report of their diagnostic audit and assessment, details of the individual scores, recommendations for making short- and long-term improvements, and the guidance of J.J. Keller’s regulatory specialists.

The report delivered to the fleet is at least 30 pages long and shows fleet managers where to spend their time and how to implement results, Murray says. A unique feature in the report is a “radar chart” that helps to visualize the J.J. Keller Performance Rating and give managers guidance.

Once the audit is complete, Murray says that J.J. Keller works with fleets to help build their safety and compliance programs out, to hold them accountable, to monitor CSA performance, and to develop training curriculum.

Murray says that internal studies show fleets using J.J. Keller’s ongoing programs and subscription services have improved their overall CSA scores by 47 percent.

“This service will provide fleets with the greatest insight into how they can improve compliance, manage CSA scores, control insurance premiums, adopt industry best practices, and reduce accidents and liability,” Murray added. “It’s the most advanced process for building a best-in-class safety and compliance program available.”

For more information on the J.J. Keller Diagnostic Audit & Assessment, visit here.