Ben Murphy joins McLeod Software

McLeod Software announced that transportation industry software veteran Ben Murphy has joined its product development
team. Ben was formerly the President and COO of Integrated Decision Support Corporation (IDSC) and continued in that role for several years after the acquisition of IDSC in 2007 by TMW Systems.

He has over 20 years of leadership experience in the development and implementation of advanced optimization software for the trucking industry.
CEO Tom McLeod emphasized what a valuable addition Murphy will be for the company.

“We are excited that Ben has decided to join our team here at McLeod Software. We enjoyed a great working relationship over the years with both Ben and Rick Murphy at IDSC. I always appreciated their practical down‐to‐earth approach, and their commitment to customer success. Ben’s expertise and experience adds more depth and breadth to the leadership of our product development efforts at a time when we have nearly tripled our investment in our core product development. We believe he will help us continue to raise the bar, as we enhance our current products, and introduce new products that add value for our transportation industry customers. As our surge in product development has been fueled by our company’s rapid
double‐digit growth in recent years, the need to add new leadership talent never ends, and adding Ben to our team will help us to continue to do more for our customers.”

Murphy indicates that his new role at McLeod Software is exactly the type of opportunity he was looking for. “What drew me to McLeod Software was not only the exciting growth environment that feeds a great product development team, but also the supportive culture and entrepreneurial approach the company takes to building new software products for the transportation industry and pushing them to market quickly. Having a single, integrated
modern systems platform like McLeod’s to build on means we can accomplish more in a shorter period of time. McLeod Software is in a great competitive position, and I am very excited about the opportunities we have to deliver new and unique products for our customers.”

Murphy’s duties at McLeod Software will encompass a dual role. He will be working directly with McLeod customers to help them improve their operations and profitability, and he will manage a portfolio of product development projects targeting those same customer goals. Ben
will provide the leadership to take new products from the concept stage to become mature and valuable products in the tightly integrated McLeod Software transportation management systems platform.