CSA compliance: the outsourcing is in

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Updated Jul 7, 2014

Like most modern business systems, the new Compliance, Safety, Accountability web portal has a management dashboard that focuses your attention on exceptions, called Alerts, with drill-down reports to identify the source of the problem.

FMCSA-CSAExceptions occur when scores exceed thresholds in the seven behavioral assessment categories (BASICs). The reports show the individual inspection and violation events which determine the monthly scores.

Finding and correcting the flaws in your management processes causing the exceptions will take more than mouse clicks, however. Inspection reports may not show why your score in the Driver Fatigue BASIC is going up, for instance. It may take further analysis to see that a certain shipper or consignee is detaining drivers.

Any delay in making corrections could trigger an audit by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It could also drive away safety-conscious customers and lead to spikes in insurance rates, among other consequences. Considering the risks of non-compliance, many fleets are getting expert help.

Outsourcing your compliance management can lighten the workload and help eliminate exceptions before they surface in the CSA portal. Here are three options to consider. CLICK on one to begin.

Identifying weak points>>

Getting an expert audit>>

Managed services>>