WABCO announces OptiLink telematics system at IAA Show

WABCO has announced its new OptiLink technology, which it says is the industry’s first mobile application that remotely controls and monitors a suite of vehicle safety and efficiency functions on truck-trailer combinations, at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 in Hanover, Germany.

WABCO says its new OptiLink technology is the first on the market to provide a single user interface via a mobile device, such as a smartphone, to monitor and control multiple functions on both the truck and trailer. Available in eleven languages, WABCO’s new OptiLink application offers easy operator access to 18 functions, providing the industry’s widest range of functions for tractor-trailer combinations through a single mobile device.

“WABCO’s OptiLink technology marks another milestone in remote management of safety and efficiency functions on truck-trailer combinations worldwide, while also offering considerable opportunity to improve return on investment on daily fleet transport business,” said Nick Rens, WABCO President, Trailer Systems, Aftermarket and Off-Highway Division. “Our new OptiLink mobile application enables fleet managers and drivers to further improve vehicle safety and efficiency, while enhancing driver effectiveness and comfort. In addition, OptiLink helps lower operational costs and supports better utilization of assets.”

WABCO’s new OptiLink mobile application will be one of the features in the WABCO App. It equips drivers with an easy-to-use display of highly visualized information from the vehicles’ onboard systems, such as suspension control, lift axle control and brake functions. It also allows users to tailor their OptiLink “dashboard” according to preferences for control and monitoring of vehicle safety, efficiency, performance and comfort.

Through OptiLink, WABCO’s suite of differentiated vehicle control functions that help to make trucks and trailers safer, easier and more efficient to operate, a range of broad functionalities will be at the user’s fingertips. Truck and trailer functions that will be remotely monitored and controlled through OptiLink include:

  • OptiRide electronically controlled air suspension for trucks and trailers
  • OptiLevel with six modules for trailers, including Lift & Lower and Memory Level
  • OptiLoad automatically mitigates overload on the truck-trailer’s traction axles
  • OptiTurn improves trailer maneuverability in roundabouts and around corners
  • Traction Help increases traction of a truck’s rear axle on slippery surfaces
  • Lift Axle Control automatically raises the lift axle when a trailer is empty
  • Axle Load automatically warns in case of axle overload on trucks and trailers
  • Operating Data Recorder Tracker records all driving data, including driver behavior
  • Brake Functions such as brake release; brake lining wear, and “finisher brake” for unloading to an asphalt finisher vehicle
  • Immobilizer secures a trailer with a unique PIN code locking system
  • TailGUARD rear blind-spot detection with automatic braking
  • OptiTire new generation of tire pressure monitoring for trucks and trailers
  • Vehicle Inclination indicates “red light” warning in response to deviation from pre-set limits